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Tree Tea Ceylon

In collaboration with BeesPoint, Tree Tea Ceylon is set to create a digital teatime experience that transcends borders. The partnership aims to brew a perfect blend of tradition, quality, and innovation, resonating with the global community of tea enthusiasts and industry partners.


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Rooted in a rich legacy of Ceylon tea, Tree Tea Ceylon emerged from a single private label order to Finland in 2020. Today, the brand takes pride in its journey, spearheading the market with a commitment to quality and the perfect blend of Ceylon tea. Specializing in Ceylon black tea, green tea, herbals, fruit pieces, flowers, and flavors, Tree Tea Ceylon is dedicated to quenching the global thirst for tea with excellence in every cup.

Client's Need

As a brand deeply rooted in tradition and quality, Tree Tea Ceylon recognizes the importance of a digital platform that conveys the rich heritage of Ceylon tea. They seek a website that not only showcases their diverse tea offerings but also facilitates engagement with tea importers and agents worldwide.

Our Solutions

BeesPoint specializes in strategic website development. Collaborating closely with Tree Tea Ceylon, we aim to design a website that captures the essence of Ceylon tea. Each page will be a virtual tea garden, offering visitors an immersive experience into the world of premium teas. BeesPoint places a high priority on website security and reliability. The Tree Tea Ceylon website will be designed to ensure data security, fostering trust among tea importers and agents.

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