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    Unveiling BeesPoint's Terms & Conditions Agreement.

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Dive into BeesPoint (PVT) Ltd.'s Terms & Conditions, a comprehensive guide outlining the terms governing our cutting-edge technology services since 2018. Explore the rules, responsibilities, and assurances that define our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Scope of Proposal:

This proposal is crafted in alignment with the specific requirements outlined by the customer. Payments will only be sought for the features explicitly mentioned in the proposal, and development efforts will be directed towards the features specified therein. Any additional requests for new development, customization, or redesign will incur additional charges based on the client's requirements.

New Requests and Modifications:

Should the client request new features not included in the original proposal, additional charges will apply. Charges will be determined in accordance with the nature and scope of the newly requested development, and will be communicated to the client for approval before implementation.

Transport Charges:

In the event of site visits, transportation charges will be added to the overall project cost.

Domain Considerations:

Premium and special domains are not covered under the scope of this proposal. Clients will need to separately procure and provide necessary domain details.

Project Collaboration:

Active involvement from one representative of the client's company is required throughout the project. Similarly, one representative from our company will collaborate with the client to ensure seamless communication and project progression.

Ownership and Responsibility:

Upon completion of the project, ownership and responsibility will be vested either in the Company or the Client, as outlined in the project agreement.

Timely Provision of Details:

Clients are responsible for providing essential details, including Business Requirements (BR), selected domain, products, images, and content, within the stipulated timeframe. Failure to do so may result in a rescheduling of the project timeline.

Special Image Requests:

If the client requests special images that need to be purchased from third-party sources, the associated costs will be borne by the client and will be invoiced separately.

Source Code Access:

Access to the source code will be provided upon completion of the total payment for the project.

Project Dormancy:

Should the client fail to contact us for a period exceeding 6 months after the project initiation, we reserve the right to remove all project-related materials, with prior notification via email.

Final Delivery:

After the complete payment, the finalized site will be uploaded to the original domain or provided admin logins.

Revision Charges:

Clients are entitled to send revision requests in accordance with the proposal. However, after reaching the specified revision limit, additional charges may apply for further changes.

Post-Completion Responsibility:

The Company will not bear any responsibility after the successful completion and delivery of the project. Post-delivery responsibilities lie solely with the client.

Possible Delays:

Delays in project delivery may occur due to client-side delays, changes in development, or third-party delays. In such cases, the Company will communicate any potential delays and work towards a mutually agreed-upon resolution.

Last updated: Monday, 1st of January 2024

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