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Browse through event highlights, keynote speakers, and the engaging discussions that have shaped the Beespoint experience.

Onexla 1 Billion Celebration

Where we bring innovation to life and celebrate milestones, achievements, and the vibrant community that makes Beespoint exceptional.

New Year Celebrations

Ring in the New Year with joy and festivities at BeesPoint! Let's toast to new beginnings, shared goals, and endless possibilities.

BeesPoint Office Upgrade 2023

Check out BeesPoint's upgraded office in 2023, designed for better productivity.

Birthday Events

Treasure the memories of our employees' birthday celebrations, each a sweet reminder of our team's bonds and happiness.

BB360 Program with BeesPoint

Business Meeting with Business Boost 360 at Renuka City Hotel, Colombo. Explore collaborative ventures and strategic alliances forged during the session. Stay updated for upcoming events.

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