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Discover BeesPoint (PVT) Ltd.'s Refund Policy, a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction. Established in 2018, we navigate challenges with precision, promising fair resolutions within set guidelines. Explore how we prioritize customer contentment through our refund process.

Payment Structure:

Clients are required to make an initial payment of 50% upon commencement of the project.The remaining 50% must be settled within 7 workdays following the official launch of the site.

No Refund or Replacement:

Once a purchase is made, customers are not eligible for returns, replacements, or refunds. It is essential for clients to thoroughly review and approve all aspects of the project before finalizing payments.

Late Payment Charges:

In the event of overdue payments, clients will be charged a late fee of Rs. 1000 per day until the outstanding balance is settled. This policy is in place to encourage timely payments and to compensate for any inconveniences caused by delays.

Clear Requirements:

Clients are requested to provide their requirements clearly. Any additional requirements that are not included in the initial discussion or proposal should be communicated promptly. Failure to do so may result in additional charges and will be added to the final invoice.

Additional Services:

Any additional services not explicitly mentioned in the original agreement, such as legal services (e.g., Lawyer charges), will be charged separately. Clients will be informed of these additional charges, and they will be reflected in the final invoice.

Invoice Transparency:

The final invoice will clearly outline all charges, including the initial payment, late fees (if applicable), and any additional services. Clients are encouraged to review the invoice thoroughly and seek clarification on any items they find unclear.

Communication on Requirements:

Clients are responsible for providing essential details, including Business Requirements (BR), selected domain, products, images, and content, within the stipulated timeframe. Failure to do so may result in a rescheduling of the project timeline.

Acknowledgment of Terms:

By engaging with BeesPoint Company, clients acknowledge and agree to the terms of this payment and refund policy. It is imperative to adhere to the outlined payment structure and be aware of the consequences of late payments.

Modification of Terms:

BeesPoint Company reserves the right to modify these payment and refund terms with prior notice to clients. Clients will be informed of any changes, and updated terms will be applicable to future transactions.

The payment structure is decided according to the project. Initially 50% amount is taken as advance

Last updated: Monday, 9st of January 2024

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