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We are not just a software company, we work with you to create your company's growth strategy. We provide software & solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.

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Since we started in 2018, BeesPoint has become one of the fastest growing company in Sri Lanka. With trust, integrity, teamwork and quality, we help our clients build their businesses stronger and innovative. Rather than dwelling on our past achievements, we look forward for the opportunities emerging to offer the best we could do. Investing in new solutions and acquisitions, building up our capabilities, and developing our teams have ensured BeesPoint is ready to help our clients all over the world to achieve what they are looking for.

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Our Popular Services

Build up your business with our specialized services, uniting cutting-edge web design, software development, mobile app solutions, digital marketing prowess, and strategic branding to ensure your success in the competitive landscape.

Our Popular Portfolio

Explore our popular portfolio showcasing innovative web designs, robust software solutions, impactful mobile apps, effective digital marketing, and strategic branding successes.

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At BeesPoint, our clientele spans across diverse sectors including export, tourism, logistics, online service platforms, and more. With a rich tapestry of industry experience, we're equipped to tackle varied challenges and deliver tailored solutions that propel businesses to new heights. Join our roster of satisfied clients today.


Banking & Finance

Proven digital partner for banking, finance, and holding industries. Five years of unwavering collaboration with esteemed partners in Banking & Finance—Focus Holdings and Mexgen Holdings. Our digital solutions drive their success, defining a legacy of innovation.



Partnering with industry experts like Vivid Energy, we've honed our digital solutions for commercial success. Join the ranks of thriving businesses with our tailored expertise.



Strategic collaboration with government entities, including notable projects like the Homeopathic Medical Council and School Athletic Association in Sri Lanka, underscores our commitment to excellence.


Manufacturing & Retail

Transform manufacturing and retail with tech solutions, optimizing production, supply chain, and customer experiences for increased efficiency, innovation, and market competitiveness.



Navigate the dynamic telecom landscape with advanced technology, enabling robust network infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and innovative services for enhanced customer experiences.



Modernize construction processes with technology, ensuring project efficiency, resource optimization, and collaboration for timely and cost-effective project delivery.



Nurturing growth in Agriculture for half a decade with valued partners CIC Holdings, Koslanda Plantation , 360 Agro, and Aswanna Enterprises. Together, we cultivate success and harvest innovation.


Travel and Hospitality

Revitalize the travel and hospitality industry with tech solutions, offering personalized customer experiences, efficient booking systems, and seamless operations for heightened guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Some of Our Clients

For the past five years, BeesPoint has been the trusted choice for our valued clients. Our brand embodies reliability, excellence, and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, fostering enduring partnerships in every interaction.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our satisfied clients speak volumes! With over 500 customers in our 5-year journey, BeesPoint has consistently delivered excellence. From start-ups to established brands, our commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every project. See why our clients trust us to bring their visions to life.

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Experience innovation with BeesPoint, Sri Lanka's top Web Design Company. Take your business to new heights through technology-driven solutions. Our dynamic team is primed to revolutionize your online presence. Let's make your goals a reality.

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